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    kevin mitnick read and enjoy "the man has spoken" the 'leet' of social engineering has spoken . mitnick is a man we can all learn fromwhat has been done to this guy is not right(although i agfree he was malicious in his 'travels') . post your opinions on how security pertains to the person behind the screen lol. knowing that a computers worst exploit is the arrogant ignorant fool sitting on the other side. social engeneering is, has been, and will be forever the number one exploit on a system. he served his time, maybe deserved more, but he open some eyes : eyes that needed openiong .. thank you kevin mitnick for helping to secure our web and attempting to bring free information to those who seek it. you have many more supporters than you could possibly imagine.......

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    hahahah yeah i read about this.. mitnick meets his victim.. haha hmm oh well true.. sometimes its a case of PBCAK.. (Problem Between Chair And Keyboard)

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