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Thread: Open OS's, M$ & Security

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    Lightbulb Open OS's, M$ & Security

    From: NUKEM6 R.I.P. MPLAYER.COM :+(

    Started at 3:10am..........


    Ok so there is this big broow ha ha about Microsoft not wanting to give out their source code even

    Though they were ordered to (or will be ordered to?) let experts take a look at their code to make sure

    They are not doing anything illegal i.e. taking code from other os's (Linux, Unix), modding what

    They do not own and more... OK from a security stand point yes this is a bad thing because if some how

    (Oh and it will!) Their source code leeks out to the net hackers, crackers and all in between will find

    Holes, vulnerabilities, and mistakes at the code level. At the code level if your skilled enough programmer

    Having all the M$ source code it is much easier to find things. It will open the flood gates <--( heh no pun

    Intended) and security through obscurity (STO) will be long gone... STO is a bad idea in the first


    Just to clear some things up before I go on when I said, "doing anything illegal i.e. taking code from

    other os's (Linux, Unix)" you might be thinking "hey man those os's are open and free so what if M$

    Copied and pasted code from thoseĒ. Well yes it is free and open code but making money of that code is a

    big no no... You can do what ever you want with it just as long as you donít start selling it...

    I will go more in to M$ and NIX security later on but I think I found out something and if this is

    already well known then just skip it. Ok well BSD is modeled after Unix which basically makes it Unix

    right?? BSD is a Unix disto that was made by some guy at Burcly University back a long long time ago to

    network computers and to do a hole **** lode of other stuff. Now that we have that out of the way I

    found out that windows95,98,me NT? 2000? Xp? implements their tcp ip protocols the same way as BSD. I

    donít mean as a standard because well DHU!! All os's need some type of standard to talk to each other but

    I mean in the way it was programmed and executed in to the os (M$ win) its self.. The summery of what I

    am trying to say is MR.gats took some raw source code from BSD and put it in to windows... After I found

    this out I also learned that SUN MICRO SYSTEMS (makers of sun os{another Unix disto} and hardware severs)

    really wants to see M$'s source code along with a lot of other companies. Microsoft says its because

    they (other companies) wants to see all are stuff so they can take all are secrets and put us out of

    bissnus. Well I think other companies want to see this code to make sure there code is not being ripped

    off by M$.. I canít speak for all those other companies but I might be able to for SUN.

    Remember when I was talking said "BSD is a Unix disto that was made by some guy at Burcly University"

    Well that guy went on to make a company called DUM DA DA DAAAAAA SUN MICRO SYSTEMS. So I can see why

    SUN would not trust M$ and would want to take a look at that code... I mean come on M$ has a big history

    of taking code from others making money off of it then killing where it came from for more info on this

    check this site out..

    I hate to say this BUT even though Microsoft did a lot of bad things we all have to give a lot of credit

    to MR. Billy boy and others at Microsoft. Some good did come out of the oh so evil lol M$. the bottom

    line is windows made computers easier to use and because of this more people got computers and hardware

    prices went down...This also would have happened with Linux and X windows but it would have taken way

    way way way way way longer . When I was a kid and started to mess around with computers I was "like WOW!

    A browser comes with win95! You mean I donít have to go buy one??" when I was a kid I did not have the

    moola to go buy programs and even if I could get one free then I would not know how to. Like I said I

    did not know I was new to comps then.... well I started using comps before Windows 95 came out but all I

    am trying to say is win made things available to all but you still needed some one to buy it for you and

    install it and fix it when you del in pure dos mode lol haha ...

    Anyway back to that WIN & NIX security I told you I was going to talk about. No I am not going to talk

    to you about how I deleted the .pwl file and the fool proof dir (Fool Proof is a security program) to

    get root privileges to run around ramped on the system "in my grade 11 comp class" to install games

    ahahahah!! (I LOVE QUAKE 1) I want to talk to you about open source OS's vs. NOT open OS's (win vs. nix)

    and why I think open is better but before I get to that I would just like to say there is no such thing

    as a 100% secure OS.. You can do things to make it more secure but thatís all you can do. you will never

    make it 100% secure. Even with no net access because even then someone can brake into your house kill

    You all (mommy, daddy, sys noooooooooo!! lol) and mess around with it from there.. A TRUE hacker, umber

    Cracker, white, gray, black hat what ever you want to call him or her. Will find a way in to a system No

    Matter what!! The best cracker is the one you never heard about heh... you probably would never hear

    about these so called hackers or get cracked by one of them because quite frankly you have nothing they

    want.. They go for big game like government servers and source code for up and coming or old OS's. Was

    it a cracker/hacker that that found out some companies were keeping illegal records of YOUR (peoples)

    Personal information andswfhaihgiewfgiwgf ok I am going off topic here letís start fresh...

    Why I think open source is better..
    With open source the OS's flaws are discovered and fixed faster then non open OS's.. Thatís why all

    Unix/linux distos get better and better as time gos on...

    Why I think non open (win inpaticulare) is worse off in the end..
    If win was open source from the start A LOT of the problems it now faces would not exist today. But the

    kicker is that M$ would not have as much money. Thatís why bill dose not like open software. In one

    Interview Steve balmier from Microsoft called Linux "un American"? Among other things like "a cancer"

    And so on ? Now what did he mean by that?? That the American way is to make MONEY MONEY MONEY GET RICH

    RICH RICH and over charge for a product instead of making computers as a whole better for free or at least

    at a very low cost?? Take from that what you want???

    What will happen in the end..?
    Open source is the wave of the future. You canít stop the inevitable?? and once windows gos open (or

    forced to go open) all the deep down vulnerabilities will come to day light and people will get cracked

    like crazzzy!! Not even all of Microsoftís money can fix this because not EVERYONE UPGRADS or downloads

    patches.. They will have to make a hole new OPEN OS from the ground up and fight for the top spot with

    Linux distos or maybe even an all-new OS that will take over ?Plan 9 from Bell Labs?

    . heh this is like 4 to 7 years down the line so donít hold your

    breth heh.

    One last thing before I go to bed..(Its like 4:43am and I cant keep my eyes open lol).....
    There will ALWAYS be a need for M$ windows or easy windows type systems because not every one likes

    computers or wants to learn how they work like we do. Most people just want to see porn, sports scores

    Chat or just play games. I would like to hear from you alll. Say what you think GOOD OR BAD..

    heh lol I donít know lol I am just probably going to wake up tomorrow and and say to my self "WTF what I

    thinking" lol or maybe not.............

    C-ya and thx for reading my rambling................................................... grr arg??

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    ummmmmmm.......ok !?


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    well??? what do you people think?? What will happen in the future?????? and do you think M$ should give out the source code...? I wanna know what others think about this topic...

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    Question ?????????????

    Wow only 1 person posted after all that was said about this topic??? Well then i guess i must have somed it up pretty good then hmmm????????????????

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