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Thread: Brief description of downloads...

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    Brief description of downloads...

    I think it would be nice to have a brief description under each those of us who are not experts actually know what the hell it is we are downloading. I know it would take up a lot of space...but it would be well worth it....and very much appreciated. When I go to the download looks very confusing sinse I am new to all this. About a week ago I downloaded what I thought was some sort of text on computer viruses....ended up infecting my computer and wasted many hours trying to get rid of it. Poor me, huh?


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    I'd agree because it is annoying to spend alot of time downloading something and then to find out it was not what you're looking for.
    I know there descriptions for some downloads but I think a system where people who have already downloaded the file/program/etc. can rate it and comment on it would be very helpful (like what they have at and other sites).
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    yes but they usually come with a readme file.....and that gives all of the info you need

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    You gotta understand the nature of this site. if you put a discription with each download it would encourage kiddies to use them. on the other hand if your concerned about some sploit, then you know about it already, and have the opertunity to download it for a better understanding of it.
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    the point is you don't wana D/L something you don't want, including the readmefile
    How ever, it would be cool to ave an Anti point sort of system for files...........

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    Writing comments for all the files would be a huge job. I wonder who would like to do it.
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    id say keep it the without discriptions... we dont need people d-loading things for evil purposes... if you want something, you should have to know what it is, not jsut read something and think "Hey thats a cool app, lemmie get it to get into my friends computer!"

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    Yeah I agree with SarinMage and Tedob1 - I can see what you mean tho Haraam777 but we don't want AO to be flooded by s|<ript |<iddies we have enough problems with the few that drop in as it is

    But maybe there could be like a moderator (or several covering diff areas) that you could pm explaining what sort of prog your looking for and why and they could point you in the right direction??


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