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Thread: Anoymous e-mail.

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    Question Anoymous e-mail.

    If i send an anonymous e-mail via an e-mail bomber, does the guy i sent it to, can find my IP or host or any detailz about me or my computer of just find me?
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    he can if he knows what he's doing...yes

    unless of course you really know what your doing (i.e routing messages through servers in africa where logs are rarely kept)
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    what can i do to hide my steps.

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    It all depends on who is smarter. Everything can be traced, if you know what you are doing. But everything can also be hidden. Its just depends on who knows more, your hiding, or his tracing.

    Seeing as you are asking about using and e-mail bombing program, that would imply that your victem probably knows more then you. Therefore, he can find out anything he wants to about you, then some....
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    Or South America. Or Russia. Or many places. But that's getting off the subject.

    I have a question: Why don't you try it yourself until you can't figure out where it comes from? If you are going to do something like that (which I don't condone) then you should learn as much about email tracking as you can. There is a plethora of available articles/white papers/etc. etc. all over and your best friend will inevitably be
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    yes, a bomber/anonymailer won't do anything for you. They just go through your own ISP giving a false name. True, you can choose not to just g through your isp...but it still does, and all of the default servers tha they offer will log and attach your ip. Your friend/ennemy could just look at all of the 'funny' numbers and words at the head of the e-mail and trace which one's yours...
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    I'm going to listen your advise.

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    great tutorial writen by one of the greatest writers ever raven founder with 2 or was ir 3 i can never remevber other ppl of
    now founder of
    the tutorial was posted on this site somewhere but has lots of info on hwat u are looking for

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    There are no such things as anonymous mailbombers, none of them work.
    There used to be an anonymous remailer at (don't know if it still works)

    here's how you should mail to the remailer through a mailbomber

    copy it to the address section in your email program. You don't have to fill in the subject line because some remailers lose the subject!!

    now the body of the message:

    place to colons ( :: ) side-by-side in the upper left corner of the message. This has to be done on the upper left corner otherwise it won't work

    On the next line you have to put this line with the email address of the person you want to send it to:


    Make sure that the R in request, the R in remailing and the T in to are capitals!! And don't forget the dash between the words, the colon after to and the space before you enter the email address.

    When that's done, skip a line and type the message. It's also possible to add an atachment if you're email program is capable to do that.

    If you've done all these steps the message should look like this:


    (put here the message)

    Just don't send it more then a 1000 times or the remailer wil choke

    Oh and one more thing, if you write **** like " I wil rape your wife and kids or I am going to kill you" then the victim can press charges and the anonymous remailer wil have to turn in the logs wich wil lead to you.

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    read this book ...............


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