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Thread: More innocent lives lost !!

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    Angry More innocent lives lost !!

    AHMADABAD - A Hindu crowd set fire to a block of Muslim homes thursday, killing at least 38 people, including a dozen children.................

    Read the whole article here....

    Look at how these filthy cowards murdered innocent people.....but, sinse the victims were muslim..I doubt the whole story will be seen on CNN.....

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    Religion is bloody.
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    Unhappy sorryyyyyyyy

    I made a mistake typing the is the right one....thanks....and sorry.....

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    Talking nevermind

    Nevermind....both are Time to take a break, later people.

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    I don't really like getting into these religion discussions, but...Did you notice that there was only a couple of small paragraphs in the entire article that talked about why the riots were taking place to start with? Because innocent Hindu's were killed on a train. It doesn't even tell much about the attack that happened to them.

    That is one of the biggest problems with media. It is alwasy one sided. The Pakastani Observer (Muslim Bassed) doesn't talk much about the reason for the attacks. Its the same way with media over here. The media portraid Mitnik as being as bad as a killer. He wasn't innocent, but he wasn't as bad as he was made out to be.

    Trust only 1/2 of what you read, because 1/2 of the truth is somewhere else.
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    I have never understood why people must turn love of god to violence against there fellow that really what the Supreme Being (whoever or whatever he/she/it maybe) intended?

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    We are all human, however flawed that might be. This was an act of revenge similar to many other acts throughout history. Through personal experience I have found that even revenge can not end my pain. It continues forever. Death brings about no pleasure and hope dies also. Nothing will bring about true vengeance and revenge will take you, as it did me, into a neverending downward spiral.

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    the idea of god, and god, thats a supreme being that must be adhered to no matter what is only used t ocontroll people... there are religions, where people dont have to follow one leader... and rarly do you hear of them fighting amongst eachother

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    muslims suck
    they had been always the main reason for the riots in india.....

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    This whole thing started thanks to the muslims, if they hadn't attacked the train then this wouldn't be happening now.
    respect respect etc yeah right, the Islam doesn't respect anybody
    sorry to say it but look around in the Middle East and don't tell me those countries are ****ed because of us (the western countries)

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