Howdy Ya'll,

I'm new to this forum, was turned on to it by a friend and fellow member. I don't have alot of knowledge in the NEW AGE of security. However I need to learn. I have a pesky person wanting to get in and defile my system. I could use some pointers on how to "PROTECT" myself from people of this sort. I'm using Hacktracer as a firewall and Black ice (Which I know has flaws) However these people tend to walk right through no matter what I attempt. I've lost one computer to the people already and have had several attemps to get to this one also. At this rate in a couple of weeks I'l be back to an 8086 and monochrome display. Any pointers would be helpful. Oh yes I am a dialup user (NOT AOHELL) and extremely vulnerable to bandwidth. I have computer knowledge and training. However it's a touch outdated. I've talked to my ISP and they can't seem to be able to do anything. I have rid myself of all Instant messengers changed user names everywhere changed passwords everywhere even made it so I have to verify my birthdate and last four of my social. This is nuts. I could use any and every tip to rid myself of this Computer VD. Thank You in advance for any help. I'm off to read read read.