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    Download section

    Have you ever had problems with the download section... I just downloaded what I thought to be a Fake Virus (To gove hell to some unsuspecting Computer illiterat friends of mine), how ever, the file ended up beeing a bunch of wav files....I suspect that this is the case with several files in the system, If this is so, would it be a good idea to apoint an "Librarian" if you will, to keep every thing in order....
    ( maby more than one since there are a damn large amount of 0'z and 1'z in there.... )

    Just a suggestion

    - Noia
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    Now u see?

    Thats why we need a brief description of the all sections....and yes it would take a lot of time and work but it would be well worth it. Haraam77

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    So... you were trying to use one of the files here, which are provided for learning, to 'gove hell to' someone... well, then I'd say in that case.. remove the files... they aren't provided there for such a reason, and if lamers are doing that, this site is going against what it is about, security...
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