I was unsure what to put this post in but i figured this seemed most relevent

I am a newbie as far is it comes to programming maybe a few monthes. But ok i am interested in writing not really a password cracker but a brute force genreator, basically something that prints out trhough all the letters, i'll show you what i wrote so far
this form is just a command button and a picbox just to display

Private Sub Command1_Click()
Dim letter As Single

Picture1.Print Chr(65 + letter)
letter = letter + 1

If letter = 26 Then
GoTo 110
Else: GoTo 100
End If

End Sub

Bascially that displays every letter a-z, now what i need to do is move on to the next character some how get it to print aa ab ac ad... and then az ba bb bc... I am just doing this to play around perhaps i may need comannds i haven't learned yet but i would appreciate anyones help on this. Someone suggested the counter function to me, but was unsure how to implement it. Well thankyou in advance.