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    Question NFS problem ...

    I had construed a little home LAN, I'd like to use NFS for share my files, well I have exported part of server's FS, but when I try to mount FS on client I have this msg error:
    [root@pos1 etc]# mount /mnt/database
    mount: RPC: Unable to receive; errno = Connection refused
    I have configured server's firewall with a GUI and I have choosed medium level of security (close all ports 0 -> 1023). Well, NFS use port 2049 (TCP?), right?
    What is the problem?
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    NFS uses UDP.

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    What OS's are you using here?
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    NFS: (from /etc/services)
    nfsd 2049/udp nfs # NFS server daemon (clts)
    nfsd 2049/tcp nfs # NFS server daemon (cots)

    However, with that being said, I think that you have to also allow RPC (on sun that would be udp/111) so that it can find the right RPC info (if you do an rpcinfo -p <hostip>, you should see NFS listed). With that being said, you better be blocking those protocols at your gateway, they are hideously dangerous (IMHO not much better than Netbios).

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