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Thread: Ending Abuse

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    Ending Abuse

    Here's an idea...

    In the AntiPoints popup, add clickline to add your username to the comment/assignment of the Points, BUT DON'T MAKE IT A NECESSITY TO SEND IT . Then show that percentage in the 'User tends to assign' area of each post. This would encourage users to 'sign off' on every AntiPoint assignment, and not just sign off on the Positive ones. (Thinking...if the percentage of neg. points match the percentage of neg. points the user 'tends to apply'...see where I'm going with this?...) For instance...(User tends to assign 75% positive, 25% negative), and just below that (User tends to assign x% signed and x% unsigned)

    May be playing on the guilt factor, but it would encourage users to take responsiblity for all 'Points' assigned, and along with the 'contact user' addition, could finally take the abusers out of the equation.

    Just an idea...

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    That's a pretty good idea. It gives at least an idea of how people assign and write in a string with their name in it. It'd have to have some checks but not a bad idea.
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    Perhaps, you could just have the check box to sign your name or not..

    And if you do check the box, it would be visibly apparent to the reciever that you had actually signed your name(not sure, but maybe insert the username and avatar of the user that chose to sign their name).

    That would certainly keep people from signing false names to thier negative antipoints...


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    guys i hate to tell you this, but i don't think JP is going to go for it. there have been about 1000 suggestions that there should be a way for people to put there name, optional or not. but there are 2 reasons i can see JP saying no.

    1- If people want to sign their name (since in your plans it would be optional) they can just put it in the comment box.

    2- Since as long as i have been here, JP has wanted Antipoints to anonymous. many many people have tried to persuade him otherwise.

    besides this... signing your name will not end abuse. it will strengthen the ability for flame wars. besides... JP moderates the antipoints pretty well. he has canned peopel who have abused this feature of the site. most of the people you refer to as "abusing" the system are not abusing according to JP's terms.

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    lord_darkside_x is right. The closest you'll ever see me get to making AntiPoints not anonymous, is the recent "contact user about this assignment" feature that I added.

    Thanks for the suggestion though!

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