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Thread: Spam in Every Pot

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    Spam in Every Pot

    And this man is trying to convince people he’s ethical enough to govern a state by adopting the tactics of sleeze bags……he’ll probably win.

    Bill Jones, a supposedly Internet-savvy Republican candidate for governor of California, one of the few states with an anti-spam law, isn't campaigning against unsolicited e-mail -- he's sending it.

    Bill Jones' campaign sent out thousands of unsolicited e-mails this week, urging California voters to vote for Jones next Tuesday. According to posts in newsgroups and discussion lists, Jones has spammed twice before, once in December and once in January.

    Jones spokesman Darrel Ng said the e-mail wasn't spam, commonly defined as unsolicited commercial e-mail. Ng instead classified Jones' non-commercial mass-mailing as an "innovative way to use the Internet."

    Legal experts said that Jones' spam was "tacky, but permissible" under California law. Anti-spam activists fumed over Jones' interpretation of the law and the way the spam was delivered.

    An examination of the e-mail sent out by the Jones campaign revealed forged headers. The e-mail, purportedly sent from an address, was actually routed through the server of an elementary school in Chonnam, Korea.,1294,50761,00.html

    I thought forging email was against the law, and if running for a political office in this country isn’t a commercial endeavor, I don’t know what is. but i guess we'll never get a judge to admit that.


    Bill Jones from calif....remember this name
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    damn spam... that stuff is the worst. i can't believe politicians are using it now... although they are the lowest form of scum ever... i guess it makes sense
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