Looking back to when I was little, I realised that there were some funny things that I believe or thought. Just for some fun, if any of you remember something funny about when your were little, post what you remember.

Well, I remember two funny and strange things:

1. I didn't understand why it was windy. I always thought that wind was produced by trees, as I saw them blowing when it was windy. I thought that when one tree would sway, it made other trees sway and move and that made the wind stronger and carry to other trees/places. So I basically thought that if someone could move a tree, they could make it pass it on to another tree and it would be windy.

2. When I went to sleep, I believed that if any parts of my body, like my hand or leg, were sticking out the edge of the bed, that spiders would come from the floor and bite them. So I made sure everytime that my hands and legs were clearly inside the edges of the bed.

HEHE...when I look back, I find this very funny!

Any of you people ever had anything similar?