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Thread: new to dos prompt

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    is there anybody who knows a good program about security?

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    kac has this got nething to do with the topic??


    1 question why is he suing dos i mean this is 2002 we have things called windows and linux lol
    just a quick question i thought i should pop in

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    RiOtEr, how many people stilll use Cobol? It's 2002, we have C++ and Java, right?
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    well if you are on a windows 2000 box.. type "help" and it will show u all the windows DOS commands..

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    If you have windows95 (not sure about later releases) the help command doesn't exist so you might want to look up a tutorial if that is the case.

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    Smile Your input is greatly Appreciated

    Thanks yet again,

    Thanks to all you senior members and addicts out there. I am improving my skills at an alarming rate. One of these Days I too will be a Senoir Member, All thanks to you Input. Thanks again,

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    I know that DOS is going away from us, but as to why we would use it, I have a very pertinent answer! I bought a new hard drive this weekend, and the dang installation software didn't I used DOS command to install, partition and format. Now this may sound like bragging....It is. I am a complete newbie, and in December I had never even opened my tower. So I was thrilled to be able to use DOS to take care of an aggravating situation....To me, DOS is very simple and straightforward, but then I don't have a lot of experience with other programming languages.
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    You hit the head on the nose. Knowing DOS is a big help when dealing with a reformat or new drive set-up. I still use it alot, probably more than I should.

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    Bearbizket (Like that name) Here's some more sources you might
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    DOS commands most usefull in an computer in network

    NET START starts net services in your computer
    net accounts list the accounts in your computer
    net user test 123 /add add an user in your computer with username test and password 123

    net user test /delete delete an account in your computer

    netstat shows all the connections of your computer with others on the net

    netstat -an shows the connections and your open ports in your computer

    net use computer_name open and session with another computer in your network

    nslookup resolves the domain names in ip (this tests your dns settings)

    Ping test if an computer is alive in an network ( is the ip adress of the other computer)

    ipconfig shows your ip configuration
    ipconfig /release release your ip
    iconfig /renew renew your ip

    md test create and directory test
    cd test let you enter to the directory test
    dir shows all files and folders in test directory
    cd.. exit from an directory
    rd test remove directory test

    attrib shows all files attributes in a directory
    attrib -h change an attribute of a file from hiden
    attrib +h add the attribute hiden to a file

    del filename.txt delete the file filename.txt

    For more let us know
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