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Thread: new to dos prompt

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    DOS is going to be around for a while yet

    As much as Windows evolves, the good old DOS window will keep a role.

    Whenever I'm on the road and I need access to my network drives through a VPN, nothing better than the DOS prompt to do a "NET USE".

    And you got to love those batch files!

    It's like the administration of an HP-UX system ... you can use SAM or you can do it with nice and "simple" command line work!



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    hope this is helpful

    Below is a link from the book "DOS the Easy Way" by Everett Murdock Ph.D.
    I hope it is not to long, but it is very complete. Any questions about the miterial let me know. Good luck and remember -you can lean a lot from old people, ould programs are no dif.-

    Also- the net command is a good place to start.
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    I wrote a tut on MS-DOS in the tutorials section. It sucks, but you might like to look at it.

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