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Thread: Broken: "User tend to assign" and "Last 10 AntiPoints That You Gave Out"

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    Broken: "User tend to assign" and "Last 10 AntiPoints That You Gave Out"

    On my account i don't see to move to the green the "User tend to assign", but i have given out more than 15 times my approve. Also on antipoint center it tells that i have only given antipoints balance, but neither negative ni positive. It is a bug or i should post over 100 posts to make them move.

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    This is not a bug. You have so little antipoints, that you cannot give them to someone else - this has nothing to do with the number of posts you have made. Each time you give someone antipoints, you give them 0 points, thus, the "User tends to assign"-rating does not change ( 15 times zero is zero)... Collect some positive antipoints by making usefull posts, then, you'll see that you can give out points yourself.
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    it is because you have a neg total antipoints...hence you are not able to give any antipoints, you give greys..which aren't worth anything..
    that is why your bar won't change, because you havn't given out pos or neg
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    okay thankz

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    Greetings All:

    since this isn't a bug, i'm closing this thread.

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