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Thread: Advertising games on headstones?

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    Advertising games on headstones?,00.html

    Game publicity plan raises grave concerns

    Mark Oliver
    Friday March 15, 2002

    A computer games firm has been accused of pushing back the frontiers of bad taste after it announced that it was seeking to advertise its latest title on gravestones.

    Acclaim Entertainment said yesterday that it would pay relatives of the recently bereaved in return for placing small billboards on headstones, and that the offer might "particularly interest poorer families".

    The Church of England said that there was no way it would allow any of its graveyards to be used in such a fashion. A spokesman said: "There was enough fuss with plastic flowers in churchyards."

    A spokeswoman for the company, which bills the game as a "journey to the Deathside", said: "It's a dark, gory type of game and we thought it was appropriate to raise advertising to a new level."…


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    I checked out Acclaim's website but they didn't have anything on this. I guess if the press releases came out yesterday it was too soon. If this is true, I'd say advertising has surpassed testing the envelope of good taste and completely thrown the envelope away. I've heard of paying people to carry advertising on their cars, etc., but this is too much. Still sounds kind of funny to me though. Do they think most video game enthusiasts hang out in graveyards?
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    See that’s what happens when you let marketing make all the decisions.
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    They've gone too far on this one. Wtf it's someones grave. Do they think someone wants to have an advertisement on their grave for the rest of their life...erm death I mean. Plus the game will only be advertised for a certain amount of time anyway why would they want that forever? That's just sounds ridiculous to me.

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    I know i wouldn't mind being an adverisement. In addition, to me it would be a way of telling people indirectly that I was a gamer and by placing an advertisement on my headstone.

    Too bad you can't pick the game that you want to advertise, though.
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    Conclusive proof that marketing people are evil minions of the unholy antichrist (I suppose unholy antichrist is a bit redundant, but hell, at least you aren't writing comments that consider the redundancy level of a short reply)
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