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Thread: Norwegian pay per view

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    Norwegian pay per view

    Hey all..

    I read this and felt realy bad, more then 80 companies are joining up..
    How many will follow.

    Last year the media companies asked for bids to build a simple, robust and low-cost micropayments systems. The winner was e-Solutions, an Oslo-based software house, whose system gives each customer an account that can be charged with up to NKr1,000 (just under Pounds 80) and then gradually used up as content is viewed.
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    Heh, This sucks... Why did you feel bad? Heh, Those companies are gonna form a monopoly and be a M$ clone

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    I think I'm going to make a site with buzz words in the header and content that only says "If I had a dime for everytime this page was viewed... by the way, thanks for the dime."
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    I dun think this will catch on. If it does we will find a way around it anyway
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    I find this proposal scary but I agree that either people would find a way around it, or that so many people would be outraged by this proposal, that the public could band together boycott the sites, making them lose massive quantities of money, and that would probly solve the problem. however, i have noticed that the public does not like doing all that much...
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    This is good news for us working (or going to work) in the it-business, and also for the web-surfers out there. To further improve the content of the web there is need for some sort of micropayment on the sites. As the ariticle says, there is not enough income from advertisement and only a few of the sites (I guess the really big ones) are actually making money. You could say that the web should be free, just like the free software initative, but there should be ways to make money of of the web also. Still there is gonna be free quality content, probably made by those who support free software, but some sites like newspapers, web-tv and probably some of the search-engines is probably gonna cost something. BTW, some of the search-engines have already tried out solutions to make money of of the business-market by charging for searches.

    The micropayment solution is something the industry has been looking for all since the .com-bubble exploded, and Nasdac went down. I believe micropayment-technology will make investors once again look at the web as a promising way to make money. And as the mobile phone and internett-technology merges, it's a good thing that there is one (or event better: more) ways to make money of of web content. In Europe the UMTS and GPRS networks have been implemented for quite some time (at least GPRS), but there still is very little content for these internet-phones. I bet that's got something to do with potential providers knowing there's no way their initative is gonna pay off. With micropayment, they're probably gonna change their mind. Or at least I hope so.

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