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Thread: M$ SMTP DoS vulnerability

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    M$ SMTP DoS vulnerability

    Microsoft SMTP DoS vulnerability
    more info:

    Title: MS SMTP DoS

    ID: 10885
    Category: SMTP problems
    Summary: Checks if the remote SMTP server can be restarted
    It is possible to make the remote SMTP server fail and restart by sending it malformed input. The service will restart automatically, but all the connections established at the time of the attack will be dropped. An attacker may use this flaw to make mail delivery to your site less efficient.

    Solution : See
    Risk factor : Medium

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    What a sexy avatar ROFL

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    Re: sexy avatar

    Originally posted here by freeOn
    What a sexy avatar ROFL
    k, cause of the increase in PM traffic to me, I have changed back to a more neutral avatar... those guys are unbelievable (horny)

    If you still want to see the avatar causing the effect described above:
    see below

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    were all perfect angels here

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