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Thread: bad comments

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    Angry bad comments


    some one comment on me with load of sh**~~

    i don't know why~~

    such as "go away, nobody cares about your question "

    something like that. so F*** up.

    anyway.. be happy
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    Don't sweat it....ignore the losers, learn from the rest...I've gotten equally messed up comments. Those comments don't matter a bit to me because I've spoken in chat with several of the 'real' people that belong to this forum. The people I've been speaking with are polite, friendly, and willing to share them out, ignore the idiots.

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    Heh, I've had *loads* of negative comments, happens all the time e.g. when I suggested that we should have an AO FAQ, someone asked me if I wanted 'a dedicated punch in the nose'! However, most people on AO are much nicer than that, so don't let the attitudes of an arrogant few put you off asking for help.
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    dont worry about negative responses and NEVER let them bring u to the point of leaving this place. This is a great board with many people that will accually help u but their are ALWAYS thoes idiots that have nothing better to do then tell you to leave. I have told many people to leave main because they are idiots that do nothing but start big problems here. If you have a problem with a users post hit the REPORT button to report it to a mod and they will be delt with... then hit the IGNORE button next to their post to set them to ignore.

    It couldnt be more simple then that...

    Sticks and stones man

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    Man ~~ thankz~~~

    i am going to work hard on my ASM (well in the stage of learning)
    \"If you don\'t know it--------DON\"T DO IT ( anti---\"JUST DO IT\" from NIKE )\"

    \"Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country\" by JFK

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    I learnt Z80 Asm last year at college its quite fun and frustrating to learn and requires alot of concentration and time what ver you doin.
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    The best way I know of to learn assembly is to start with a few simple example programs, and see if you can make a very complex program. Then start learning new things. Oh...and also if you are using x86 make sure to download the interrupt list....

    ::thinks:: Oh...and the problem with your program that you have been debugging for 5 forgot an h after your 21......hardcopies SOOO help when debugging....

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