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i search my crack for macromedia director shockwave studio
please send me a e mail

- nicolasbeau

I sent him an e-mail suggesting that he get someone to help him search his crack.....

What Server controls your system. What OS controls data manipulation. What are the logins of the users on your system.

Thank you.
zivko uzunov

I thought that I would share this e-mail with my readers to help teach them a valuable lesson about security. What you're seeing here, is a text-book example of what I call the "Kevin Mitnick Social Engineering Technique". Notice how he starts out innocently asking what servers we run, what OS we use... Then BAM, he sneaks in a quick question asking for the logins of all of my users! People that don't know about social engineering techniques may have easily fallen for this, and seriously compromised their security!

you should shoot yourself in the face



Subject: need help please !!!!

hello, is the first time that i contact you but i really need your help. actually someone is writing to my girlfriend in MSN HOTMAIL.
my girlfriend has a cousin that his e mail address was hacked, and another person is talking to his place.
The hacker managed to enter her address and sent her in her own address some menacing mails.
My question is: is it possible to know something that could be easy in order to enter the hacker's adress, because i really would like to destroy his computer but i need to know how i could do it because this guy if i let him doing this thing , is going to hack mine.
i don't know what to do, but now i would like to enter his adress in order to menace him

please , hoping that you will answer me with a solution soon because i really need to know

thanks for all,
waoiting your answer,

Oh No! Here's what you do: Take your girlfriend and place her address in cousin then that he can his e mail address to hack send! Hacker then the address can and send to hacker you! I hope that helps you, good luck!


I was hacked about 6 weeks ago. The hackers got my information from my email and outlook. Then they got my contacts and made prank calls to my girlfriend and her parents (she sent me an email before all this happend). FOr the past 6 weeks they fake emailed her from my account, prank called her etc. This basicaly broke off our relationship. They made the pranks look like it was me. I went to the police, they did not help at all. After reading your website, I became proactive, I documented how they did it all. They made so many mistakes it was unbelievable. I used webhosts and ISP's to ge me their logs and I was basically able to track them down. They used VoIP and Net2Phone to make calls, they used open mail servers to send mail, and they even used packet manipulation to change their source IP address. Yeah I had to educate myself. Even though I won't get my girlfriend back, at least I am happy that I know how they did it all. Thanks for the motivation, your site really helped me out.


See rintintin, you should be taking lessons from Jai here. He didn't just sit around and "because this guy if i let him doing this thing , is going to hack mine"!

From: "Josh Eveloff"
Subject: spam help

I'm a spammer who's job is to keep up hosting. It's been my experience that there's no such thing as "bulk hosting." The only way I can keep a website up without being shut down by antis is for the antis not to be able to know where they're going. And being forwarned at that, there are some extremely quick antis out there. So I'm asking for help on developing somesort of method to protect my hosting from being knocked down. Whether it be through the actual html of the email (which i'm not crazy about because it tends not to be a universal platform.......meaning if it executes properly in outlook, chances are it won't in eudora, or web based email clients such as hotmail and yahoo) or through some sort of dns routing tricks or redirection tricks. If anyone feels up to the challenge, please let me know asap, i really needed this technology yesterday. I am willing to pay for a bullet proof solution if you can figure one out. You may also contact me on my cell any time 402.215.7185. Thanks for your help.


Hrm, you need ways to hide yourself so people can't contact you, basically? Hrmf.....

Mr. John Vranesevich,

You probably have never heard of me, and probably never will. I am just someone who stumbled apon your website, and was put off by it's lack of intelligent thought. Moreover, I had the grave misfortune of reading your personal thoughts on life:

1. A democrat
2. Member of the A.C.L.U.
3. Americans United For Seperation of Church and State.

All of which are disgusting, left wing, bleeding heart, propaganda driven, sinking ships in a cesspool; In which you and yours will drown. I hope one day you realize the truth, and pull your head, out of your ass...that is if you are smart enough to know what is your ass, and what is your head.

On one last point, I will digress from what the main theme was; You have one of the ugliest dogs I have ever seen.

My Regards,

Wow, damn republican hates everything he sets his eyes on, including my poor little puppy pixie! Hrm, did I forget to remove the e-mail address and phone number of the spammer above? I don't remember.... Next!


my name is peaches and im 15






im peaches





I think this little girl is trying to lure me into her car with peaches. Sorry little girl, I don't take peaches from strangers! Actually, this could be one of those FBI stings I've been reading about lately.....


I am enjoying the site except for 2 issues of readability.

1. This _is_ a linearly designed flow and though the web design
community hates linear flow, I say the hell with them. I would like
to see, in addition to a back to table of contents link, a Next and
Previous button. This would save time on my very average and
representative 56k modem.
2. I am colorblind and so am happy with the negative contrast,
however I see no shade difference between the visited links and
unvisited links. They all look white to me. A shading of visited
links to 10%grey would be very helpful and still keep your b/w color
scheme intact.

Most people would just whine and leave, but not me! I am an IT
student who wants to be a security consultant when he is done with
school, so I have an offer for you. Here it is:
I am offering to add the navigation changes, just as I have outlined,
to your pages in return for being able to use you as a reference as
an individual or company for whom I have done consultation work, and
to be able to ask you a few questions in the future about
security-related issues. I am not interested in money, just

Wolf Michael Halton
PC Network Support Analyst

Hrm. So you want to re-design AntiOnline so it is color-blind friendly, in exchange for using me as a job reference and for notoriety? I'll have to think about that one and get back to you.....


I was just wondering if you have a back orifice download that is not an actual virus. I downloaded bo2k and it was the Back Orifice 2000 virus! I downloaded Netbus2.01 and it was the Netbus virus! Also would you have a Win32.FireKill.Trojan virus that is not an actual virus (what I mean by actual virus is that if I download it will it give me the virus).

Please e-mail me back asap! THANKS!

P.S= Maybe you should scan your downloads for viruses using McAfee or Command Anti-Virus just for safety.

Slim Shady

Scan our viruses for viruses? May I have your attention please? Gotta couple of screws in your head loose? JP Puts one finger on each hand up. Sing the chorus and it goes...........

From: gayathri tm
Subject: postal adress

dear sir
my mail add is
gayatri tm
sree jaya
subhash nagar

plz send me a copy of the free parental guide

Uhm, OK. We'll send it right out!

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