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Thread: Anarchists cookbook...

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    Anarchists cookbook...

    Hey if anyone has it, preferably version 2000, gimme a buzz at
    I had it til about a week ago when my comp crashed, and since morpheus ****ed up (when they "updated" it 3 weeks or so again) u can dl ANYTHING, anarchists cookbook, skate pictures, songs or anything, they changed the way it connects to users and now it cant connect to anyone.
    Anyway ill stay here for a while so pls if u have it say something

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    Hi how you doin.

    Why the hell do you want the cookbook, it's full of nonsense, but if you still want it have you used google
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    Hey man
    I like doing little bombs, and i mean, im not gonna make bleach plastic explosive, i do enjoy the use of my fingers

    Just the sugar +pot.nitrate smoke bombs, making black powder (even thatd dangerous enough) etc...but i found it now, thanks i dont use google much but i think i will now seems a lot better than and yahoo (even tho yahoo is powered by google)

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    Check out

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    You would be amazed at how many sites have posted the cookbook. I can think of atleast 1/2 dozen off the top of my head. It is just that a lot of sites hide it, and you gotta know where to look.
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    sadly... this must be repeated again...

    this site in not a hacker site, nor a terrorist site, nor a site that supports anything else that is malicious.

    The anarchist cookbook made for good reading when i was 15, but at that time i had no concept of the good use of it. you should prolly forget about it. especially since if the cops ever came to your house and saw it, you could be arrested, since it is circumstantial evidence that you are planning terrorist acts against the government. you would prolly never get charges filed against you, but you would sit in prison for some time, forgotten. i saw it happen to a few people in multiple parts of the world. the book is definitely not worth the danger, esp in the wake of sept 11th now that security is all hopped up everywhere. besides there are plenty of.... less leathal places to find what you want. search google
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    be careful with sugar and potassium nitrate, do it outside. I did mine over the stove and it blew up in my kitchen... had to re-do the WHOLE kitchen. Looking back on it, it was sorta funny but my friend got chemical burns and is scarred, so just be careful
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    i think everyone goes through the "anarchist cookbook" phase. to be honest, that was the first thing i found the first time i got onto the internet when i was 16 back in 1996. i went to my local library and discovered to my amazment that they had computers with internet access. after jizzing my pants, i signed on and started searching for anything i could think of. i immediately stumbled onto a lot of "phreaking" information, and of course, the anarchist cookbook. i printed the entire thing right there as well as the phreakers hand book, etc. it opened a door for me and fueled my fascination of the net. i love information. especially the kind that you are not supposed to know.
    but, as lord darkside mentioned, be careful. yes it makes a good reading piece, but to actually try some things in there, you most likely kill yourself, or someone else. or just plain end up in prison as a suspected terrorist. things are a little different now then they were a couple years ago. especially after sept 11th.
    just remember, information is the power. knowledge is the key.

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    Just thought I might give a little warning.
    The Anarchist Cookbook is not that accurate. I was looking it up on google when I found out that some of the information given is completely false. Some say the CIA tempered with the book, others say it's simply innacurate.
    Anyway, like Loki (attrition) said,
    "And if your stupid enough to make that stuff
    like bombs in your own home and you don't have a background in
    chemistry then you deserve to blow your fingers off and your pet
    through the wall."****/www/****0035.htm
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    Some of the chemical proportions in the Cookbook are a bit off, but the basic recipes are right. I studied chemistry in depth for a while, and found my own little tricks. In all actuality, I found the Jolly Roger files a bit better than the Cookbook (I got them at around the same time). I use to enjoy making "small" ones every now and then and taking them out in the middle of the woods with a bunch of friends. take my advice and BE CAREFUL!!! I cannot stress that enough. You'd be suprised what a bit of sulfur, black powder, potassium nitrate, gun powder,etc. can do when placed in a CO2 canister (yes, canister, not cartridge....the type you put in refillable fire extinguishers).

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