The background:

My local newspaper published a front page story on Valentine's Day. Apparently our local mall had held a kissing contest. I thought it was a cool article, read it, and went on with my life. *chuckles* I thought it was nice to get the paper and finally -not- see blood and death on the front page.

A few days later an editorial appeared screeching about the horrible perversion on the front page, berating the paper for corrupting the youth of america. Mildly baffled, and wondering what the author of the editorial was smoking, I re-read the article more carefully. Apparently the people running the contest had decided to be *gasps* openminded. They dared to allow a same-sex couple to enter.

I ignored the first letter and went on with my life, until a few days later. Another letter appeared, castigating the first writer for her un-Christianlike attitude, taking the basic attitude, "Thank God for atheism." I found it amusing, clapped, and again went on with my life.

Two more letters appeared, taking the tune of the first, but quoting the Bible in proliferation, making wild accusations about corruption and perversion. And then finally I got annoyed.

It does take awhile, but when I get annoyed, I get hostile. I answered with my own letter. I actually had to speak to the editor of the paper to verify it was really mine. He didn't want to put an innocent person's name on it when they published it.

Now I'm not sure if the point of this post is me asking a theological question or a moral one, but I'm curious for everyone's opinions of this anyway. What would you girls/guys have done? I'm going to post my letter as a response to this post. While I find offending people one of the joys in my life, I at least want to do it fully intentionally, so the post will be posted as a spoiler.