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    Gods were created to blaim the unexplainable. God is an invention of man. I live by the facts, I believe when I see. When you have an experience, any experience, you enterpid the facts and you try to find an explanation. I think its just damn lazy to just stop searching and explaining it cause "it was god's will". Religous people are religous because they are told so. Kids are the easyist to bend and break, so if you get the religous part in your childhood, it will have a great effect in your adulthood. If a cristian was raised an islamic, he would be islamic. If an islamic was raised without a religon, he would have none. It's like if you're raised to speak english, you speak english. If you are raised french, you speak french. I just don't umderstand why people don't see that. Again, it's stupid that people stop searching for explanations because they have a default explanation.

    About gays, well, I think humans are ment to be straight. It's nature. That's the way mammals breed. Being gay is "unnatural" (DON"T GET ME WRONG, THIS IS NOT MENT OFFENDING). I think being gay is in your head. It's just who you fancy. I think it's possible for a man to love a man, and have sex. I also think people should respect anyone's oppinion, values and partners. But look at the facts, a man has a penis, a woman a vagina. That's the way it is. And nothing can be changed about it. Those to body parts belong together. I've had these kind of discussions with many of my friends (some of them are gay), and sometimes we disagree. But after that discussion they still are my friends. They respect my oppinion and I respect theirs.

    About facts, people should be judged individually, judged for they are, and what they do. Not because someone else of the same race, gender, place, size, weight, team did something wrong. Interped the facts. And do it your self, instead of letting someone else doing it for you.

    That's all I wanted to say. And JP, HELL OF A SITE!!!

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    What is wrong with this world? People are so shortsighted and so narrowminded that they cannot see a clear solution to anything.

    People have the right to make decisions for themselves, they have the right to be criticised for those decisions. Nobody has the right to try and take those things away. By barring homosexuals from entering a kissing contest, you are taking away that right. Anyone who would see a man's rights stripped from him simply because of a decision he made about something very personal is hypocritical, and should not be quoting ANY holy book, Bible or not.

    I don't understand how some of these people can preach being nice to others, then turn around and go against what they're saying. People who do so are no more than idiotic hypocrites.

    I find it entirely offensive that someone would complain about another's rights. Racism is racism, pure and simple. Whether it be because your skin colour is black, you're of asian descent, or because of your choice of partner, it's still racist to go about claiming one group is evil.

    Think about that next time you decide to scream about a homosexual. How would you feel if someone screamed at you or turned you away because of your religion/skin colour/etc?

    Grow up.
    Chris Shepherd
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    Sick Dwarf,
    Please don't take this as a flame. I hear you, but I disagree. I am a Christian, and I have faith in God. It doesn't stop me from searching or looking for answers. You say, 'I live by the facts, I believe when I see." Let's test that out. Do you believe in atoms? How about electrons and protons? Of course. Have you ever seen one? I don't think so unless you have very good eye sight. But do you believe in atoms and sub-atomic particles? I'm sure you do. But why do believe? Isn't it because it's what you have been taught, and because you're taking the word of scientists who say they have proved these things exist? Yet you say, "Religious people are religious because they are told so." If you look within the ranks of Christianity you will find many different kinds of people. Some will be people who follow others blindly with an almost cult-like submissiveness. But you will also find highly educated and highly intelligent people who have critically examined the claims of Christ and have chosen to believe. Believe me, following Christ does not make things easier on you. Faith is not a license to quit thinking. If you are genuinely following Christ you will continually face questions and struggle with the deep mysteries of life. For example: Why do people suffer? Suffering isn't a hard question for an atheist. An atheist can say:"Well, that's just the way it is. Survival of the fittest. We're all alone in the world and stuff happens. It's all just an accident." But a Christian faces a much harder question: "Why would a loving God let me suffer?" You tell me who has the ready made answers. I am saying that if you follow Christ you will face questions continually. Following Christ isn't about knowing all the answers; it's about following the One who says, "I am the way, and the truth, and the life." Jesus is the Answer.
    For the wages of sin is death, but the free gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.
    (Romans 6:23, WEB)

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    First of all, Preacherman, this is not a Flame, it's a discussion and I respect your oppinion.

    Ok, You're right, I've never seen an atom before, but I beleave that they excist because it's the only reasonable, possible theory about that subject.

    Everyone faces the hard questions of life, if you're a cristian or not. And suffering is a part of life, every creature on earth suffers, from muttiple reasons. I think it's stupid to say; "Why would my loving God let me suffer?". It's just the same question everybody asks themselves, religous or not, just like;"Why did my father die" instead of "Why did god let my father die". That god part is just a partial explanation for your question to form a base to search further for awnsers.

    I'm not following someone because he comes up with some ways to live and some vague explanations for the meaning of life. I follow life itself and adjust my way of life as I go, as I see what certain actions do for society and other people. I adjust my life to the facts.

    Although I do not believe in god, I do think there are other dimensions of life. I don't know if you the book "The Necromonicon", but I've done some reading in it and done some spells. I've seen VERY STRANGE things happen. Things that move by itself, seeing things that aren't there and communicating with people that are long "overdue". The book I have is older then 150 years and has done some strange things to my life. I don't know who decides over the anwsers, or the questions, but that book certainly raised some new ones.

    This is a discussion that is going on for ages, and will go on for ages. I think that in the next millenia, people will come and go with theories and religons. This is a discussion that will be won by the one who will give it up last. Not by facts, counter-facts etc. Let's stop this discussion and just say;"Man, that's just fine with me, want a peace of my property?". I think man will know the answers iventually, it's just a matter of time. I respect the fact that you believe in god, and you respect that I don't. That's all that matters.

    Cheers, my man.

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    Originally posted here by Kezil
    a few thoughts on the matter at hand:
    13. Supposedly, the hebrew torah has been so faithfully and accurately copied since it was first written down, that only 7-11 characters maximum have changed. I think the difference between the current version and the dead sea scrolls is only 0-3 characters.
    i find that to be a VERY interesting ascertion. if you are talking about only a 7-11 charecter change for the torah, then you must be reading it in hebrew, because that is not possible when the text has been translated. however, the MOST interesting part is that you claim that the difference between the current version and the dead sea scrolls is only at most 3 chars...odd seeing as the dead sea scrolls havent all been FOUND nevermind translated yet.

    Originally posted here by Dr Toker
    Everybody makes choices, some choose to live a straight life, others live other life styles.
    i see...when did you wake up and decide "i think i am going to be straight" and, as previously stated why would anybody choose the tougher path through life? its not like it could be physical because a girl can get a guy off just like any guy could(with the exception of a guy on the recieving end of penis-anus intercourse...but that isnt the most common way for gay men anyway) so it CANT be a physical thing. the only logical conclusion that one can come to is that they are attracted to people of the same sex. one cannot controll who they are attracted to so that would take being homosexual out of the relm of being a choice. also, i just love how you brought up the stereo-typical "young kid plays with dolls so he is gay when he is older" storyline. hate to burst your bubble but GIJoe's are just barbie's in fatigues; make of that what you will.

    just for the record:
    /me != gay.
    /me is happily in a 1+ year relationship with my gf.

    There are 10 types of people in this world: those who understand binary, and those who dont.

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