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Thread: Good news for windoz + *nix lovers...

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    Good news for windoz + *nix lovers...

    Ready to brew Wine!!!
    All those M$ fans can now run Windoz applications such as Word,IE or other crashy things on non-M$ platforms.WINE comes to rescue them.Its an implementation of windoz for *nix.For more info check out the links.
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    Ummm... I dont know how to tell you this, but I think almost every *nix user here knows about Wine... I tried to get Quake to work on Linux but it didnt work, so ill get the text-only version.

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    Ya. I was about to say the same thing. While WINE is ok for some apps its not a fully supportive emulator. I still can't get Yahoo Voice chat to work with it. =P
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    Wine/VMWare do relatively the same thing but it's by no means a gamer's choice. We're stuck with Winblows until full hardware emulation is supported by these host applications. I could care less about running Outlook (laugh), or IE (laughs more) on my linux machine. I want to be able to run native win32 code for games flawlessly. Until then, I'm stuck with a windows machine or running linux ports for games and unlike ID games which does development *on* linux, those ports are sometimes pretty bad.
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    errr old news

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    If I remember correctly, WINE doesn't support DirectX at all, and there are a few other api's that it doesn't support. That's why some things don't work at all, and some only work part way.

    I still remember testing Wine when it was a Win3.x emulator
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