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Thread: Security Through Penetration Testing

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    Thumbs up Security Through Penetration Testing

    I would like to recommend a book to anyone interested in security, it's called Hack I.T.
    -Security Through Penetration Testing. Published by Addison-Wesley and written byT.J Klevinsky, Scott Laliberte and Ajay Gupta with a forewaord by Simple Nomad.
    I work in the book manufacturing industy so I have a chance to read books before they ever hit the stores and I found this book to be very informative and well written. The book also includes a CD ROM with penetration testing tools included. I don't know if this book is availabe in stores yet but it is well worth looking for.
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    Sweet, I just purchased this book and I was hoping it would be a good read.

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    Thumbs up

    I have to agree. I'm about half-way through the book and its not bad. I'm actually considering it as a textbook for an advanced security course at a college. They've divided the chapters up well going from general to specific and are straightforward to the point. No fluff in between. They also put in some case studies and examples of situations that they have had to deal with. So far, this one gets a thumbs up.
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    I saw it at the store the other day, but decided to wait on it a few. I am still in the middle of a different book.

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