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Thread: Prepare to be Jealous:

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    Prepare to be Jealous:

    The other day while peacefully walking down my street I discovered it was trash day, next thing I saw was a cord hanging out of a box that was out with someone's trash. I opened the box and found found a keyboard, WoWiE! Then I saw a clear case filled with 5 floppy disks. ScORe. Continuing looking I found an ancient printer, monitor, then finally, jack pot! I found a Tandy 1000SL 4 MHz processor with 358KB of RAM, putting out 363Btu/h running MS-DOS with DESKMATE. According to the manual, it is "The Perfect First Computer for Use at Home or Dorm" price you may ask? 899.00$. Seeing how I am the nice guy I am, I have decided to sell the computer for half the asking price, that's right HALF the asking price. The entire system, the keyboard, the printer and the monitor can be yours for only 429.99$!! Whata deal!You can E-Mail me requests for it at . BTW when I booted 'er up, the default date was Jan. 1 , 1980 =).

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    Gee. Only 429.99! If I had the money...well...I wouldn't buy it. Maybe if you sold it for a little less I would consider it. But, being in high school and unemployed, by a little less I mean $20.
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    Wow, you sure are lucky to find all that. Is it all working? I'm not so computer savvy but the system sounds really ancient. Who would actually buy that? And the price you are selling doesn't sound reasonable (after all the guy threw it away so I doubt anybody would ever buy that kind of computer nowadays)

    I don't even understand why you'd even rummage in other people's trash. That sounds spooky. I'd guess nobody here will buy it off you. You can try one of those auction sites? Like eBay? Actually, I really wish you luck (seriously, not joking) if you can sell it. Maybe you'll end up throwing it away in the trash as well. In which case, it's probably better to stay out of other's garbage.

    Ohh, how do you post emoticons? It's really interesting. I'm new to this site. Hope I didn't offend you RaDIaToR52. Good Luck! ^^

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    Well, yes it all still does work, the thing boots up in 5 seconds flat. Second, rummaging threw trash IS a lifestyle, you never know what people will throw away.

    /me looks at full set of encyclopedias, Atari, underwear

    And I am not seriously trying to sell it for that much, unless you know, someone is willing to pay

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    Actually it is called Dumpster Diving.

    And to post emoticons, just type a smiley, or pick one from the left-hand side of the screen; if you chose to post a reply with the 'Post Reply' button.
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    How about i swop you for my almost new Tandy tr80 !lol
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    hee hee hee, you people are silly!! thanks [gstudios] for the tip!

    I see, "Dumpster Diving!" I've never heard of this before. I thought people would start running out of their house with a baseball bat if they saw someone trying to "dive" into their garbage in search of treasure. hahaha. I'm amused

    Actually I can see the point of that if you can spot something worth salvaging. I just stay clear of them. You brave man, hehe, the stentch didn't kill you.

    *Over and out*

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    Its always nice to come across an old computer jut to play with. I still have to try that linux how to about installing linux on a 4mb laptop.
    Its not software piracy. Im just making multiple off site backups.

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    titanmike> I have seen trs80's going on ebay for over $50. Just a thought....
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    Thumbs up

    Second, rummaging threw trash IS a lifestyle,
    Yeah, I think there's a "Twelve Step" program for it.
    I came in to the world with nothing. I still have most of it.

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