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Thread: Vulnerbility scanners

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    Vulnerbility scanners

    Where could I find a good online vulnerability scanner to scan my PC for security leaks?

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    I'm always leery of online scanners .... so I would highly recommend the scanner TYPHOON I (formerly Cerberus) if you have NT or 2000 or XP - you can download it at:

    Don't let the word "evaluation" fool you. For a free evaluation, it is very good at finding the main holes people will try to exploit with good reporting. And it's small - 134 KB Zipped. I used it to find holes so I could lock down several web servers quickly.

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    I agree with ASTRIDPESHEK, Typhon is a very good vulnerability scanner.

    Another good one is LANGuard.

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    You could try nessus...nessus is kinda cool..and also satan
    as for satan...I'm using google or some search engine to find.
    ISS is damn cool..but kinda pricy

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    Nessus and SAINT are pretty good ones. I'd also consider doing manual checks for possible vulnerabilities. It's a lot more fun and educational plus you might find something that the automated scanners missed .
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    If you fancy a more commercial product then ISS has System Scanner which is a vulnerability tool for UNIX and MS. If it's installed locally the evaluation will allow you to scan the local host. you can get it from their site but there is a form to fill in before you can download.


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    is that really your name ryan? if it is lets see a kick flip or something....

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    what OS are you running? if you are running a win32 OS try N-Stealth it is better used to find insecure programming, buffor overflows, and directorys open to the net. Its pretty fast not the fastest, Im not sure if anyone above has mensioned Retina.. not bad but it doesnt find all that much compared to a few others, the best i have used and swear by is prolly nessus. You can run nessus on a win32 although you will need to download the win32 version: just goto google and search for winnessus you should find plenty. And if you dont like none of the above try webtrends Network scanner- its got a nice gui and reports well.. umm cant think of any at the moment but there are hundreds out there so yeah best place to look is prolly astalavista or they have got a great listing of them, cant forget to mension <---- biggest tool listing
    hope i helped =)

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