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Thread: screw up a hacker

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    screw up a hacker

    I was just reading George_ge's post about virus trapping and it made me think. Is there any download that when you get attacked by a trojan, it freezes the attacker's computer? kinda like screwing up a remote attacker.

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    Well there was a program out there called the chain or something like that a while ago. My best advice to you is to get a firewall because just getting one little ******* isn't going to stop them. Most of the people that will attack your home computer are ignorant little script kiddies and some will come back with a vengence. I know because I used to be one regrettably. The best solution is just to get a firewall and an up to date virus scanner.

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    Trojans don't attack. If you are referring to like a code-red or nimda. If you have a few extra IP's you could always run a tarpit/honeypot. The tarpit holds the connection open until the other side resets. With this in mind you can imagine if a person scans you or such and each connection gets tarpitted you'll slow down the box allot.
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    If you screw up the remote attacker, you are basically doing a DOS machine against them. That in itself is illegal. In other words, the program may be cool, but it can get you prison time if you use it.
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    how can it be illegal? they are the one that attacked me and I am just using computer self defense. its not illegal to kill or seriously hurt someone if it is self defense and you are in a life or death situation. Your computer is the same way, your computers "life" could be at risk if an attacker deletes a major system or windows file.

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    It is illegal but the chance of you getting caught are very small. Just remember two wrongs don't make a right.
    Its not software piracy. Im just making multiple off site backups.

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    If either of you dies it's a crime. You should just run away from the place, not attack the attacker. Eg. pull the line off or get a proper firewall!!

    Edit / Add: And did you notice that if you attack the attacker, YOU are the attacker. Then the original attacker could use some attacker-screwer-up against you and the whole **** doesn't lead anywhere except that both computers get f***ed...
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    What would be nice is if someone found an exploitable buffer overflow in the [insert your favorite trojan's name here] client (ie: the "remote control"). I think this is more what Ryan had in mind...

    Heheh.. that would be funny... think about the guy's face!

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    Tell me more about Tarpit's....I came across one once...also found that XP is equiped with one the char spee of ONE just keep's going...and going...and going....
    .....tanx a bunch...
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    it does not make you the attacker. it is not to reverse the effects of a trojan. i do not want to hack into the attackers computer, i just want something that will freeze the attackers computer. it wouldn't do any harm to the hacker but he would just know not to attack me again because his/her computer will freeze every time he tries. its kinda like a cool firewall.

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