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Thread: Wanna Grow Some Dope Virtual Dope!

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    Wanna Grow Some Dope Virtual Dope!

    This program is a lot of fun download install it have fun!!! You can download it from :

    HighGrow is the world's first artificially simulated marijuana growing
    program. You can now finally grow your own marijuana plants without the
    constant fear of a visit by members of your local narcotics branch!

    With HighGrow, you can choose and plant three seeds at any time, and then
    watch them grow into large potent marijuana bushes, harvesting them when you
    feel they have reached their peak potency!

    This educational program realistically imitates the life-cycle of the
    Cannabis plant. You'll be able to adjust the lighting, water, fertilize,
    prune and care for your developing plants, while learning more about them at
    the same time!

    Version 1.2 includes a MIDI music player, to make your plants grow even
    better than with version 1.1 !!

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    cute, thanx for shareing.... lol but ummm.... i guess this is sorta security related... cause instead of growin real dope you are helping us be secure by doing it online ;x
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    Sometimes you just have to love the crazy **** that shows up in general Chit Chat.
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    I hope I didn't offend anyone by posting this thread. I thought it would be cool to check out and download! I posted this in "General Chit Chat" because I was not sure were else to put it so... and it clearly say's Talk about whatever's on your mind. and thats what's on my mind I hope you guys enjoy it.

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    A+ to the first amendment
    Computers make sense people

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    blunt23-you posted it in the right place. Even though I don't agree with the posting of this app; I am keeping an open mind due to the fact that once you tell someone that they can't post something, then you are no worse then what many of us are fighting against. Goverment controll.
    Computers make sense people

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    I was wondering did anyone else download it?

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    I plan on checking it out once exams are done....

    Loved the game Dopewars for the Palm/Windows and...
    it's a great learning tool for me/someone inspiring to become a police officer

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    Well interesting find but I honestly don't see the point. What is the point of virtual weed? I honestly don't get the purpose of it but have a blast.

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    That's hilarious. Thanks for the info. Kudos to blunt!!
    Mankind have a great aversion to intellectual labor; but even supposing knowledge to be easily attainable, more people would be content to be ignorant than would take even a little trouble to acquire it.
    - Samuel Johnson

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