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Thread: new Security site is up!!!!!!!

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    new Security site is up!!!!!!!

    click the www at the top

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    Hey Ratman, looks good so far. I liked your "How the Internet Works" explaination of TCP/IP. Just a nitpicky thing, but why don't change it to say what IP (Internet Protocol) stands for. Let us know when you get all the features on line. Thanks.
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    hmmmm soem of your links seem to be down?
    but nice page - and i like the forum

    /me goes looks into company hosting it

    And the flash done in MX - when I first used it I was like yuck, but the more i use it i can see the advances it has over 5......but i think i will still use 5 for a while till more peps get the plug-in for 6


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    some of the links are down...didn't build those pages quite yet (working on it)!!!!!!!!!

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    lookin good =)
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    rat, a seriously cool site. Well done! Actually, the web design is _so_ nice, I'm going to give you some greenies....

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    Excellent site...Incoming Greenies...Oh yeah could you PM me when the rest of the links come online. Also, maybe a link to AO?
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    The Security Links page is now up and running....INCLUDING A LINK TO AO

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    Looks interesting. I hope to see the complete site soon. Good work!!!
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    Looks good so far. I'll be keeping an eye on this one.
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