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    Cool help..

    I have installed Win2K Pro. I would like to share my files/folders with other win2k PC by using dial up connections.. I am able to connect both PC by dial up .. But when i tried to see the shared file in N/W place there is no such file as i have enable the folder for sharing ..
    Is there any thing missing ???
    How to configure telnet ??
    Be Cool ..

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    set up a FTP server?
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    Umm, you really do NOT want to do what you are suggesting. That could be the worst mistake of your life. It would probably be safer to tell a professional wrestler that you slept with his wife. Use Kazaa or something, but don't try and use MS filesharing over the internet. It is possible to do, but it would go against everything I believe in to actually teach someone how to do it.

    Umm, what do you mean how to configure telnet? That is a different program completely. You don't have to configure it. Just go to "run" on the start menu, and type telnet. Unless you are talking about a telnet server. I don't think that 2kpro (or any MS OS) come with a telnet server, except for maybe Terminal Server.
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    hi Souleman,
    U r rite .. But i have setup that PC only for Intranet.. Which will not be there in Internet ..
    I have succeeded sharing with other WIN2K pc.. But having problem with WIN98 , which ask for domain ? hwt should i give ? or where to add domain in my Server ??

    ......... Viruss
    Be Cool ..

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    Viruss, win2k cannot run as a domain controller, you need advanced server, just setup a separate box as an ftp server.

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    This is a very bad mistake, Those people who still use wardialers will find your PC and dial in, Then they can do pretty much anything..... If you still do want to do this you could set up a VPN (Virtual Private Network) and then use any Windows system older then 95 to dial up to it

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