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Thread: Lindows???

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    Question Lindows???

    I just read an article and looked at a website about a new OS called Lindows. Apparantly it is a blend of Windows (Looks like XP) and Linux. Does anyone else out there know anything about this new OS? Apparently the BETA is allready out and the first Release is due sometime in the middle of this year. What does everyone else think? Good or Bad.

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    I hav not tried this OS out yet, but i almost everybody i've asked have said they didn't like it It is a good idea though. But will it become popular, or go bankrupt from Microsofts future law suits?
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    I dont think its a good idea because Microsoft has already started with Lindows on copyright infringment (the name) I think more lawsuits will follow.... Microsoft doesnt like to feel threatened

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    yeah I agree with everyone else they will have lot of things to over come
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    tell me about it! microsoft gets any competition.. and bam, look they took our w! or something *sighs*
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    hmm.. as long as they dont take my trade mark "winux" im fyne.. i wont get mad...

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    Microsoft has the cash to continue sueing Lindows, as hard as it is M$ has good reason to do so, the name/layout etc.
    They should have come with something more original.

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    Lindows??? *lol* sounds like **** to me... I will stick with my dual boot. Windows is good for some things, and linux is good for some things....


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    Well windows has features that Linux lacks, it's just a matter of time.
    Look at SuSE 8.0
    It's not even Linux anymore, just clickety click and you got it up and running.

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    Lindows already won the first round of lawsuits. this is typical in business, let me tell you. Everybody sues everybody, it's big expensive game they play.

    And as far as lindows goes,freom what I've heard I hope it gives M$ a run for it's money. Anything that goes against M$ is okay by me.
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