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Thread: want windows and linix on same pc

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    Lightbulb O yeah I forgot.

    Here is VmWarez website . Check it out. If you are looking to play with linux the all you will need is a 100mg SWAP partiton, and about 2 to 3 Gb for the os. I would recomend creating a seperate partition for /var/cache/apt/archives. That is, if you are using Debian. Which you should!
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    I would say get hold on some good books on Linux, judging from your questions you have 0% knowledge on Linux and will **** up partitioning and installation. Either that or wage war with your parents.

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    What's wrong with Grub? It does the job, right? People get a nice and clear selection-menu each time they start-up, which seems ideal for the situation the thread-starter is in.

    I installed RedHat 7.2 yesterday - I was amazed by the simplicity of the installation-procedure - every step had a description, nothing was presumed knowledge. Microsoft can learn something here...
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    You really shouldn't have any problems with what you want to do. Either repartion your C drive with something like partion magic, or put it on your d drive. You can also purchace a third hard drive if need be. 990 Meg is enough to install linux (you can fit linux on a floppy disk), but you may run out of space with any packages you want to install.

    Then you have 3 choices, you can boot from floppy, use lilo, or use grub. With a floppy disk, you parents may never know that you have installed linux (use the floppy to boot up linux). grub and lilo both overwrite your mbr, but both will give you the option to boot into linux or windows. lilo is the standard and has been around a long time. Grub is rather new, but it has a cleaner interface.

    You said you wanted to install RH 6.0. Not sure why you want to install such an old version, but go for it. You shouldn't have a problem getting that in the .99GB of free space, but I would still recomend getting a newer version...
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    its realy nice to know all that information but i still wanna have boot programs ...i have beem booting for a long time and now i just wanna revenge
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    I've had a considerable amount of trouble installing linux on my windows system....Ac1dsp3trum, wish I'd talked to you before...everyone else kept telling me I had to install windows first. This resulted in Linux overwriting windows in the MBR and I was unable to access my windows partition.
    I finally solved my problems by placing the LInux boot loader on a floppy disk and using the disk to boot into linux.

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    Yes put linux on first then do your dual boot with windows.....


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