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Thread: ok....Situation #3

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    Lightbulb ok....Situation #3

    Gleasman Corporation has hired youto help them plan the Active Directory and security for their networks in Nashville, TN and Toronto, Canada.

    The Nashville site has a medium sized network of 170 users, and 5 subnets using tCP/IP. That site also has Inernet connectivity and maintains a web server. Both sites have Customer Service, Business, Inventory, and IT Department memebers.

    The Nashville site houses most of the management team, but Toronto has a vice president in charge of that location, and operations manager, and supervisors for the Customer Server, Business, Inventory, and IT groups at that location. Nashville also has a Marketing Department.

    1. The IT Department is very inexperienced with the Active Directory. Create a brief document for them about the AD, incliding its purpose, AD elementshow it is backed up, and the information contained in the active directory.
    2. Based on what you already know about Gleasman Corp. Explain how you would us the following AD elements and why:
    3. Where would you place DCs and global catalog servers in this implementation?

    That's the 3rd situation. I'm a bit confused as the book that they have given us to study from doesn't go into great detail about what they are asking about. Any help with this one would be a God send!!! Thanks.

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    I'm gonna have to leave this one to someone else. I haven't really messed with Active Directory. I could probably guess, but I don't want to give you any misinformation.
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    Thank you souleman, I appreciate your honesty.

    I just wish that i could grasp all of this like most of you seem to have. I hope that one day I can spit the answers out off the top of my head. I'm VERY impressed with everyone here, and thank you again for everyone's help!!!

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    Anyone up 4 helping out w/ this 1?

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    Can anyone help me out w/ this one?

    How about this situation? #3. Can anyone help me out w/ it? please?

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    Start out with this (note I havent looked at setting up a AD in a while, but heres some of the obvious ones to start you off.
    Your domain is going to be
    now anyone who sees something is wrong here, PLEASE correct me!
    Im guessing at a LOT of this
    I would GUESS your sites are going to be and
    that would also be the forest/trees? (forest = and trees are toronto and nashville?) not sure on that one...
    I would set my DCs up, one on each site, obviously, and put the global catalog (there can only be one I believe) on the toronto site since your IT supervisor is there.
    now as far as the OUs go...
    nashville should have IT, Customer Service, business, and inventory. Now they have the webserver there too... *shrug*
    that has to do with sites but I dont remember what!! ugh I hate AD, help me out guys... Im thinking sites control OUs but I dont remember.

    then Torontos OUs are going to be Customer service, Bisiness, Inventory, IT, and Marketing.
    the question is a bad one, very vauge as to what they really want...
    I hope my information is correct, I would NOT take this as the answer but a starting point to get the thing mapped out and then VERIFY anything and everything I said in the manuals... I am SO sorry if anything I said is inaccurate, as I havent looked at it in some time and stuff....

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    ok... my contribution:

    The Global catalog doesn't have any fixed place because there isn't any primary or secondary domain controllers anymore.

    The catalogue will replicate between the two sites if they are part of the same forest.

    You'll need to create two seperated sites (for replication optimisation).

    hope it help's and sorry for the poor english!

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