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Thread: Cyberarmy

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    hey what do u guyz think about cyberarmy i think that zebulun iz kinda gay (they act like they dont want to hack when the only way to get past some levels iz to hack unless ur cheating), but i like what they do (like overload kiddie porn sites). i wanna know what u guyz think and some suggestions about some online zebulun-like challenges that are actually good

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    I was a zebulun member back about a year ago. Withen the two days I was an Lt. Kernal. On the 3rd day I quit b/c I did not feel it was a hard enough challenge...


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    CyberArmy is cool the whole brigade is a good idea but teh site has some bugs that get relly annoying the proxy &wingate list is useful

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    Cyberarmy?Not bad if u ask me but the zebuluns r 2 easy and the site has some bugs but they're ok I guess but the guys think AO hates them!LOL!

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    I quit cyberarmy because it is too easy....

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    Cyberarmy is the script kiddie haven of the net. Online challenges tend to attract those kiddos.

    If you want useless, pointless advices, visit their IRC chat.

    I was LtKernel and did a few graphic designs for them a few months ago.
    Main problem is their high ranked officers tend to come and go and the work you do ends up on their hd and stays there so it's pointless to get involved with em in my opinion.
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    its a great idea, but by the time they get their **** together we wont have any internet freedom to defend.
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    i personally didnt care for cyberarmy, i prefer they have a really good setup, and plenty of levels, that get progressively harder. im in the middle of level 8, and its taking quite a while
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    IMO the idea behind the effort is good, but the execution... I remember those challenges. I stopped bothering with them after they kept resetting the system because of cheaters. It is a Kiddie magnet. I'm sure there are some great people there, but an overwhelming majority of the members appear to be Kiddies of various types.
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