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Thread: Cyberarmy

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    I tried CA for a while - was fun to begin with but i got bored after a while - but I still think that the brigades are a good idea

    As for peps giving out negs - come on wise up, if you disagree with someone post your reason and show that maybe you do have an IQ over 10


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    Exactly, valhallen. Exactly.

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    <rant>Hmm... well this whole neg antipoint this is actually pissing me off because due to technical problems I can't assign antipoints at all and these imbosiles can abuse the system? I seriously think they should have higher requirments to be able to give antipoints. To all you *******s: Get a life! </rant>

    Sorry to go off topic there but I just needed to vent that out.
    Well I think cyberarmy is a good idea but I myself have never signed up for it. I might just check it out.

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