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Thread: AO to Slow!

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    AO to Slow!

    God damnit what is up. My grandpa is faster at having sex then this site loading and he doesn't even take viagra.

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    Are you another poor 56K modem user such as myself?

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    56k isint so bad if you have a faster computer...
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    It doesn't matter what speed you connect at, the server you're contacting controls the flow as well.....

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    Um... this is very true. I'm using ADSL (up to 960 kbps downstream and 133 kbps upstream according to the lastest benchmarks) and MSIE 6.0 and the site does take a while to load. Something like 7 seconds at time, guess the AO server need another T-1 line...

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    Iím just glad thereís not tons of flash all over the place.
    Flash + 56k = time to get something to eat and do homework
    Its not software piracy. Iím just making multiple off site backups.

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    i agree. i have a cable connection and recently noticed that it takes forever to load. just my two cents anyway.

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    I have to deal with a 56 modem that will only get 288 max on this stinkin ISP! (why do parents waste so much money on such poor services? We have had this 'service' for over a year now...) doesnt want to change email addresses!

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    Yes FreeOn, it is slow and I am on cable. Been slow to me for awhile now. Several months. Must be getting quite a bit more traffic nowadays. Been noticing that the 'active' user's are 200+ most of the time.

    Time to get a fatter pipe, methinks. Bet that'll cost a bit
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