Hi all
I am just a newbie in security so I have one question for u all to answer.I know some hacking strategy like:
1. portscan the site or server u want to hack (nmap is best)
2. run vulnerability scanner on it or find some vulnerability. (SATAN,SAINT and many others)
3. run exploit for that specific vulnerability to gain root or access to that server.
4. root kits
5 logs removal and **** like that etc etc....

as a newbie,I am not sure about the step 3,after finding some hole and it's exploit.How could hackers run that exploit on remote machine,pracitically,yes I mean practically.
feel free to use technical language if ur reply demands it.I can play with linux,window NT so feel free if there is something related to these.if there is a tut present then point me to that,I am a good reader.
bye and have fun.waitin.......for replies.