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Thread: using exploits

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    Question using exploits

    Hi all
    I am just a newbie in security so I have one question for u all to answer.I know some hacking strategy like:
    1. portscan the site or server u want to hack (nmap is best)
    2. run vulnerability scanner on it or find some vulnerability. (SATAN,SAINT and many others)
    3. run exploit for that specific vulnerability to gain root or access to that server.
    4. root kits
    5 logs removal and **** like that etc etc....

    as a newbie,I am not sure about the step 3,after finding some hole and it's exploit.How could hackers run that exploit on remote machine,pracitically,yes I mean practically.
    feel free to use technical language if ur reply demands it.I can play with linux,window NT so feel free if there is something related to these.if there is a tut present then point me to that,I am a good reader.
    bye and have fun.waitin.......for replies.

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    Sorry Dude This is a security site, we focus on "preventing" and stopping attacks, not promoting them. These are usually not very good questions to ask because you will get flamed!
    Just Warning you,

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    /me hands ahmedsheeraz a flameproof suit
    keep asking questions likie that and you'll need it


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    just a few words... forgive me for being blunt.


    read about tcp/ip basics

    read about programming basics (e.g. C, C++, perl)

    read about buffer overflows and buffer overflows in regards to tcp/ip servers.

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    Thumbs up tutorials

    Here is an awesome "tut" for wannabes:
    Hacking for Newbies

    happy reading....

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    I feel sorry for ahmedsheeraz if he really was just interested in security. But we canít take the chance that we might be helping some script kid can we.
    Its not software piracy. Iím just making multiple off site backups.

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    difference b/w security and hacking

    Originally posted here by cwk9
    I feel sorry for ahmedsheeraz if he really was just interested in security. But we canít take the chance that we might be helping some script kid can we.
    I am seriously interested in security.I read a lot of tuts and all said that in order to learn security u should know how hackers break security.U should know most of the ways and then try to avoid them and make ur server immune to those attacks.
    If a policeman wants to know how f**ckers pick locks then he should first learn the technique then make a patch for it.
    so I think my question is not flameable.I asked the right question on right board.If I want to learn security then I should first learn the ways to break into systems then make my server hard-to-break.
    and one last thing is that I told right in my first line that I am a newbie and some people on this board made me script kiddie,this is whole **** coz I will never be a script kiddie but one day I will make myself a security expert.
    I will find the answers of my question on internet but I thought I will quickly find my answers on this board and save some of my time but I was wrong.sorry guys if I hurt u.
    On the day,I will find my answers,I will come back here again and post my answers for u..
    till then...........bye

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    ahmedsheeraz if your intrested in becoming a security expert and perhaps work in the field, here is a site. I know this is not what your looking for excactly but its worth considering if you wish not only be become an expert but also have something to prove your skill in this area.


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    or else there is always
    ASCII stupid question, get a stupid ANSI.
    When in Russia, pet a PETSCII.

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    /me shoves ahmedsheeraz into a flame resistant room. Then /me drives car into a bridge.

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