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Thread: using exploits

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    Someone has gone to the trouble of putting
    everything you want into a big book called


    It is worth the money.
    I came in to the world with nothing. I still have most of it.

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    Guys just help him. OKay to send exploits it depends on it so if your exploit exploits their FTP Then you should send it to their ftp port easy as that. Say you want to read all their e-mail anytime you desire. You are not going to semd the exploit on pot 21 you might send it on port 25 or 110. Okay or just send it to them in a messanger they would not know. Just name it game.exe and they will be fooled. Anyways you can get some programs that change .exe files to .com. That makes them think it is a website. So the next time you want to send an exploit study it first and see what it is going to exploit and send it dirextly to that port or whatever it is. Sorry if i broke the regulations on this forum.

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    Yes rcgreen is very right... It is worth the money.. All your slogging journeys will start from this book.. I bought it like 4 years ago and every now and then i still look back for reference... Oh and the crew that wrote the book are excellent authors too , so let that be a plus. And don't worry about exploits right now.. You should up your understandings and skills in other areas of computing before you worry about these, your ideas will come together over time.. Just watch the questions you ask that's all..
    Good Luck
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    Considering that this was posted 1year and 6 months ago, I kinda think it might be a little late to help him.

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    lol, these questions make me laugh.
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