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Thread: Learning Linux

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    Learning Linux

    I found this site for a free full e-course on Linux, hopefully it will help a lot of you, like myself, who are just starting out with it. I found it fairly useful.

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    Good find GreekGoddess, and there is some more if you interest. (Linux Network Administrator's Guide, 2nd Edition)

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    Thanks, I'm new to linux to and while searching I have found many ,but none as useful as those.

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    Thanks for the link but when i go to the page and try to read the material for the chapters i get a message telling me that could not be found. anyone else having this problem??

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    05-06-2002 -Date of thread, maybe the website is no longer around.

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    Yep, I google Mastering linux, and noted that free-ed (the same site) has an alternate page of the same information. This page's links all work, so I suppose this deserves a bump.

    The updated link is:
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