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Thread: Newb need advice

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    Newb need advice

    Hey there I am fairly new to hacking but not to computers(had one for at least 7 years, of course they were upgraded) I only started to learn more about the pc about 3 - 4 years ago as i was only 12 then. Recently I have learned a little VB and going to start looking into C++ in the summer or when i get time.

    Can anyone recommend any topics here to read, websites, programs and basically where to start.

    Thanx Hope I dont get flamed for asking a newb question like this :P

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    yet another question that has been asked over and over again, check out the newbie section before posting the same questions.

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    Oops i've post wrong thread. Sorry.

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    hehe its ok.

    Soz Focmaester

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