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Thread: Spring Fever

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    Cool Spring Fever

    So, now that it is Spring... How do you cure your Spring fever????

    I work in my garden, on my lawn, and go fishing.

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    I find some new gal to annoy.. yep, I change 'em when I change the bed sheets.. once a year.

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    sping i panic oO
    heh gotta go back to my summer job....spend less time on computer >_<;


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    i cram for finals.....can anyone explain to me the point of calculus??

    after this week i go back home to my cruddy telemarketing job and won't be around much
    anyone going to miss me??
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    Dust off the old Mountain Bike, and head for the hills, if it is the weekend. Or during the week during a sunny day I go for a walk, by the river. If it is hot enough, I work on getting rid of the winter white.
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    I do a lot of blading, try to travel if I have the cash, go swimming when the weather permits, and hit a lot of car show...

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    Drive around in my car (see profile) get a couple of girls and drink beer. Oh, gonna watch the world cup too.
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    Hit on chicks 'til one surprises me.

    Now that I think about it, spring isn't all that different from summer, fall or winter.
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    spring, winter, whats the difference? Other then the drive to work, I am never outside anyway....
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    Hmm, I get to walk my three miles outside instead of on the treadmill, and I go FISHING!! I love spring and fall the best...I also work in my garden, and turn my front porch into something resembling a jungle.

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