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Thread: Unethical computer research?

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    there is only one really safe alternative to info gathering on the net, unplug from it... otherwise it is a never ending fight... Soon enough, they will incorporate chips in you at birth...

    I am glad I am not in U.S.A.
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    The Only Hope...

    If Every Single Person In This World Gets The Chip, Then The Only Hope Is That Computers Will Not Be Fast Enough To Handle All Of That Data. A Few Billion People, So The Default Identification Number (Unencrypted) Would Need To Be About 24 - 32 Bits Long. With An Average Population Density Of Around 50 - 200 People To Moniter Per Square Mile, Multiplied By The Length Of The Identification Number, Is About 3,500 Bits (125 * 28). If They Want To Skip A Central Database, And Include Your Full Name With This, Add 36,000 (125 * 288), And Get 39,500 Bits To Moniter. Your SSN, Add 1,125 (9 * 125), Age, Add 1,000 (125 * 8), And You Have About 41,625 Bits (About 40 KB) To Moniter Per Mile Average...

    Man, That Looks Possible... Well, I Guess That We Have To Hope That They Go Overboard, And Want To Keep Track Of Everything, Along With Hope Computers Get Slower, To Overload The System... Not Really The Best Thing To Hope For Though...

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    That would be something like 230TB, right Tim_axe?
    A single Sun Storedge 9980 can run a max of 64TB in RAID 5.
    Im guessing that before the end of this century atleast the inhabitants of the industrial world will be running around with a chip in'em. Nice thought..
    Maybe I should try to get into one of them militia groups in America, maybe one can be "safe" there.
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    /me wonders if there is a petition against this crap

    why wait for a petition which a bunch of ******* are going to use as a graffetti wall...

    what would be the most effective way to petition the scottish government?

    who in our gov. (us) do you complain to about the offensive action of another country?

    an email campaign could be started if anybody knows this.
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