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Thread: less then 4 months for Outerbrains!

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    less then 4 months for Outerbrains!

    This is for all the european AO people, in September there will be a large security event similar to HAL 2001 but with less visitors.
    It'a a long weekend where there will be a large LANparty and many security experts from all over the world visiting.
    If you live in the UK/Holland Belgium or any other place then let me know.

    The_Jinx and I will see you at in september!

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    I live in Holland, tell me about it

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    Visit the site, if you are planning on going perhaps we can hook up. If you need transportation for your box, space is limited and I live in the area of Amsterdam.
    Outerbrains is way down south.

    Oh yeah, and women enter for free, men have to pay like 40 euro's , I wonder why

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