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Thread: AntiPoint Rally

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    Talking AntiPoint Rally

    Being that im the biggest antipoint target for lame scripter kiddies. I think it's fit that I share all the antipoints I get with all the rest of you. This way we can all sit back and laugh at the stupid kiddies around here....

    'Operation Wew Sweep' Targets Porn
    yet another useless post, hahahaha now who's the wanker bitch?
    'Operation Wew Sweep' Targets Porn
    Another useless post. Don't you have anything original? Posting for the hell of it to get points won't work.
    aol instant messenger
    You still suck
    What do you think
    We will bring you back down where you belong. Die nigger!!!!!!!
    Well thats what I got hit with tonight so far.... The best on was the last one *lol* Im not even a black dude..... If I was black I would have been really pissed....... Thats not really a nice think to call someone Shame on you.....

    I hope some day I will have a day filled with just green antipoints.......


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    Bitching and moaning about antipoints and the system will get you nowhere, only flames and more red points.
    Many have tried in the past and the results where unsucesfull.

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    Ummm, what can I say, "it's karma baby!" Even if you're trying to turn over a new leaf, you can't just expect people to see a change instantly. You still have to pay your dues. Just keep up with the good posts and things will settle down soon enough. AntiPoints aren't really that big a deal. They're only little green (or red) circles. Enough has been said about AP's to last a lifetime so you'll just have to get on with it. There's more to life than AP's. The whole point of Antipoints is to encourage good quality posts so that should be your real goal. After that, the magic little green beans will come to you .
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    i say just dont look at the AntiPoints... just dont pay attention to them..... i dont know what kind of posts you normaly post cus im not a big Forum person, im more on IRC... but if u do post useless stuff just to get your post# higher then you dont really deserve greenies for them.... but those antipoints were harsh....

    just dont worry about it..... lamers will be lamers and theres NOTHING we can do about it. JP wont take the antipoint system down so it wont help to wine about it... its not gonna change, and he will NEVER make a person put his username infront of the antipoint.

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    Well, I can ensure you, System_Overload always has good posts. Here ya go Sys, some greenies.

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    agreed.. points aren't a big deal..
    i do believe S_O wasn't bitching.. but making humor out if it...
    in fact when i saw the title.. i thought he was going to propose a contest for
    the most negatives possible.. the KING of the NEG..
    someone should post a poll.. who is the current king/queen of the negs ?

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    I guess someone is just in a bad mood tonight. I got negative points purely based on my "kiddie user name" in their opinion. I'm sorry if my name is offensive, but I happen to be fascinated with astronomy and happened to be reading about sun streamers the day I picked my user name here. Thus the picture of a sun streamer for my avatar.

    No matter - I don't come here for the antipoints anyway.

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    What happened to all of my greenies?

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    Well, for one thing you're logged on as Remote_Access instead of Remote_Access_...
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    i dunno if this idea has been brought up before but instead of the "request contact with user" on the antipoints i think u should be able to send a PM with what u think without knowing his username, that way u can really get your thought accross cus most of the time the people dont want to make contact.....

    i think JP should try that out...... maybe that will make a FEW people happier.....

    just some sort of way to communicate with them without having to wait for their approval.... OR maybe have a feature in your AO site settings or profile or what not to auto accept that the user contacts you, that way the people with some BALLS and that wnat to back up what AntiPoints they give will be able to be contacted easier

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