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Thread: Question of the Week...

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    Jessica Alba of the Fox show Dark ANgel aw yes know that would be a fun death,
    cant forget the mountain dew

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    Then I say he died a noble death.

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    It would all depend on where the island was. If this was in the arctic circle, I think I would probably want a coat. If it was along the equator, I would want food and water. If it was in the bahamas, then I wouldn't worry about much, because there is plenty of food and water, and the temperature would be nice. That is until huricane season.
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    A boat...

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    All I would need is my girl.. I think living on an Island alone would be awesome. As long as I have the one I love with me, I could care less about anything else. Thanks to being in the civil air patrols survival training, I could live off the land. Build a cool treehouse, build a garden for food. Make my own tools. I guess if it had to be an item, it would be my swiss army knife. Only thing that thing is missing is a generator.

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    I'm pretty sure I could do away with all the "techie toys". I guess I'd just need a good knife. Past that I could make whatever I need for shelter, defense, hunting, etc. In lieu of the knife, maybe a woman who has some survival skillz as well... ;-)

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    Fishn pole and a case of good scotch

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    Heh heh, uh, some, like seeds, er something, a survival knife, and a coconut radio like the professor made. . .fresh water supply wouldn't hurt either. . .

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    Were you stranded on an island, what could you not live without?
    I think that I'd be pretty screwed without a nut cracker .
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    A DVD Player, The DeCSS Code and 3 DVD's from different regions...

    That way the MPAA would come and get me

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    a pair of wings might be a bit more practical.(attached to me , of course).
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