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Thread: Finally one more reason to play Video Games!!!

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    Talking Finally one more reason to play Video Games!!!

    Excerpt :

    Video games to help you relax

    Most video games tend to get the pulse racing, but researchers in Dublin, Irish Republic, are working on developing games to help calm people
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    That is an interesting article.

    When I was a kid, I remember getting yelled at because I was playing the Nintendo (everybody remember Super Mario Bros...) and get the scream in my ear, "That goddamn video game is gonna rot your brain.... blah, blah, blah, blah...."

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    must send to my mom

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    Yup, back in the old days i used to play boulderdash for hours and hours, and toy bizzarre...

    the C64 brought ppl together, social gameing...

    so I think it is true some games could relax u..
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    If you play the sims to long you will be board to the point were you might fall in to a coma.
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    the_JinX, just for you, I found a JAVA Boulderdash

    Don't play for hours... hehehe

    I am thinking about addind those games to my chatgames site, would you guys appreciated such stuff as Avenger, Asteroids and various oldies???
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