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Thread: Yet another DumbBlonde

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    Yet another DumbBlonde

    Enter the dumb Blonde to AO's IRC

    <xmaddness> yes master
    <DumbBlonde> lol
    <DumbBlonde> um...
    <xmaddness> um...
    <DumbBlonde> this is gonna sound stupid and predictable...
    <xmaddness> how do you hack hotmail?
    <DumbBlonde> not exactly.
    <DumbBlonde> something bigger.
    <xmaddness> AOL
    <xmaddness> yahoo
    <xmaddness> .net's
    <xmaddness> paypal
    <DumbBlonde> :-D
    <DumbBlonde> do you?
    <xmaddness> gimmee your best shot
    <DumbBlonde> (AOL)
    <xmaddness> what about it?
    <xmaddness> need input
    <DumbBlonde> okay, i have a boyfriend and i'm going to break into his ****ing account.
    <xmaddness> hmm.. okay
    <xmaddness> are you on his computer?
    <DumbBlonde> i recieved unpleasant news...and I have to find out if he's being unfaithful
    <DumbBlonde> no
    <DumbBlonde> but he used on this computer
    <xmaddness> is his password saved
    <DumbBlonde> i don't think so. that's the problem.
    <xmaddness> whats his screen name?
    <DumbBlonde> i ONLY need his password....that's all I want.
    <xmaddness> screen name?
    <DumbBlonde> um, what are you gonna do with his screen name?
    * xmaddness thinks too himself.. wow she really is a dumblonde
    <DumbBlonde> lol
    <DumbBlonde> ************* (taken out for security)
    <xmaddness> okay here is what you do
    <DumbBlonde> will you do the job?
    <xmaddness> actually gimmi a sec
    <DumbBlonde> sure
    <xmaddness> Host Name :
    <xmaddness> IP Address:
    <xmaddness> America Online, Inc (NETBLK-AOL-DTC)
    <xmaddness> 22080 Pacific Blvd
    <xmaddness> Sterling, VA 20166
    <xmaddness> US
    <xmaddness> Netname: AOL-DTC
    <xmaddness> Netblock: -
    <xmaddness> Coordinator:
    <xmaddness> America Online, Inc. (AOL-NOC-ARIN) domains@AOL.NET
    <xmaddness> 703-265-4670
    <xmaddness> Domain System inverse mapping provided by:
    <xmaddness> DNS-01.NS.AOL.COM
    <xmaddness> DNS-02.NS.AOL.COM
    <xmaddness> Record last updated on 27-Apr-1998.
    <xmaddness> Database last updated on 15-May-2002 20:00:04 EDT.
    <xmaddness> hmm
    <xmaddness> okay here is what you do
    <xmaddness> actually gimmi a sec
    <xmaddness> okay..
    <xmaddness> you see the
    <DumbBlonde> yeah
    <xmaddness> thats the backdoor mailserver to aol
    <DumbBlonde> ok
    <xmaddness> what you need to do is the following
    <xmaddness> e-mail that e-mail with the following exact instructions in it
    <xmaddness> type "password verification<H>[B]" in the subject line
    <DumbBlonde> well, can i use a yahoo e-mail address, instead of AOL address?
    <xmaddness> hmm.. prolly
    <xmaddness> but if you have an aol address it will work better
    <DumbBlonde> good...i'm being cautious
    <xmaddness> err it will definetly work i should say
    <xmaddness> okay class is beginning.. take notes
    <xmaddness> do that in the subject field
    <DumbBlonde> okay, so, i just have to e-mail and type that message and that's it.
    <xmaddness> in the mail you have to type the following
    <xmaddness> <>PASSWORD</src>
    <xmaddness> thats line 1 of the mail
    <xmaddness> line 2 is
    <xmaddness> your email address
    <xmaddness> like this
    <xmaddness> <srcretun=YOUREMAILHERE>PASSWORD</srcreturn>
    <xmaddness> got this so far?
    <xmaddness> oh in the X at the top is your bf's email
    <DumbBlonde> yes
    <xmaddness> so we have
    <xmaddness> line 1 <src=***********>PASSWORD</src>
    <xmaddness> line 2 --> <srcretun=YOUREMAILHERE>PASSWORD</srcreturn>
    <DumbBlonde> alright
    <xmaddness> <HEAD>Password Request Service</HEAD>
    <xmaddness> line 3 ^ ^ ^
    <xmaddness> after that send it to that e-mail
    <xmaddness> thats it
    <xmaddness> easy eh
    <DumbBlonde> um...
    <DumbBlonde> how do i know it's not a trick for myself? because I have heard some ****
    <xmaddness> well good luck.. if it doesn't work with your yahoo e-mail try an aol
    <xmaddness> a trick.. what do ya mean?
    <DumbBlonde> well
    <DumbBlonde> it is similar to another method and everybody said it was a scam
    <xmaddness> lol.. a scam?
    <xmaddness> i guess they didn't know what they were talkin about
    <DumbBlonde> ok
    <DumbBlonde> i'll take your word
    <DumbBlonde> how long will i get it?
    <xmaddness> well thats it for now.. next class.. how to not be a DumbBlonde
    <DumbBlonde> lol
    <xmaddness> should take under an hour
    <xmaddness> depends on how many requests are being done
    <DumbBlonde> ok
    <DumbBlonde> ok, thank you very much
    <DumbBlonde> i owe you a lot
    <xmaddness> no prob.. laters
    <xmaddness> go get that bastard
    <xmaddness> heh
    <DumbBlonde> lol
    <xmaddness> shout outs to all the AO'ers LOL
    <DumbBlonde> by the way, i'm not a blond
    <xmaddness> Sureee your not...
    <DumbBlonde> :-P
    <DumbBlonde> ok, i'll see you around
    <xmaddness> bye

    Yet another dum blond s'kiddie asking how to hack
    /me shakes his head

    Tip to avoid this: Don't ask how to hack at a security site!

    Like duh, totally..

    Disclaimer: Note that all blondes are not dumb. Just the ones that name themsleves dumbblonde are. If you take any offence to this post. Please contact the complaint department at /dev/null. Thank you

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    Yes she probably will fall for it

    i mean wouldnt any blonde j/k

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    Definitely going to fall for it. Xmad, you even convinced her even though she had heard the truth about it.

    Silly blonde, hacks are for kiddies. ;-)
    Just remember: Abraham Lincoln didn\'t die in vain. He died in Washington D.C.

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    I'm blonde (most of the time, happens to be green at the moment) so if I was the type to take insult at that type of thing i would be insulted but as I'm not the type to take insult at that type of thing I'm not insulted but i could have be insulted so should I be insulted because I could have been insulted............

    (All ye non blonds out there try to follow that )

    P.s the green hair thing was not my idea, some friends of mine thought it would be funny to die my hair when I was comatose from drink
    live life, don\'t just endure it

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    I'm sorry I didn't get the joke but I don't know nor do I really wish to learn how to hack AOL can you explain what all that meant? I would guess it is to catch her trying to get the guy's password and send the email to the admin would you clarify if it's not too much trouble ty.

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    heh nice work xmaddness

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    May 2002

    Lightbulb nice work.

    i suppose i should start out saying i'm new to anti-online.
    first heard about it from a classmate of mine.
    saying that....

    i had no idea. i have to say that you guys are awesome. i about busted a nut laughin.
    well done.
    just like water off a duck\'s back... I AM HERE.

    for CMOS help, check out my CMOS tut?

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    so if I was the type to take insult at that type of thing i would be insulted but as I'm not the type to take insult at that type of thing I'm not insulted but i could have be insulted so should I be insulted because I could have been insulted............
    for an irishman to say that something is more irish than any other irish thing he has ever heard in his irish life is a great compliment - be complimented


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