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Thread: Where kan i find i Port Listener?

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    The "hard way" normally means going out and finding it on your own.

    I think in the time you are spending here, arguing about your story and its validity, you could have gone out onto the net(as many before have suggested) and found all the answers and more to your 'situation'.

    But instead you argue and argue, you feed the flames, and in the end you get your answer.
    I bet going out to any search engine would have yielded better results. The reason why people get so pissy is because you did not explain your situation clearly(changed a few times), you asked the same question after others had given you prefectly good answers(go to google and search, but apprently this was not good enough, as using a search enging is HARD)and then you came back for more.

    Just my opinion, and you know what those are like

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    Why do you wan't to do it the hard way? I take it the password is saved in memory, why not crack the password file and then get it. Or even better get one of the thingys that shows the password (eg. the password is displayed as '********' when you put your cursor over it is will display the password as 'password'). Anyway this is still illegal what you are trying to do and I am only telling you this because it is up to you how you use the knowledge, and like the others said why not just phone your isp? On a side note, I know all my dads passwords because he forgets them so asks me to remember them
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    the best sugestion i can give is seach google for a file called "password 123" it pulls up alot of info and links but you will reconise the link when you see it

    it took 1 minut after reading the thread and i found what you need

    hope this helps and good hunting....

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    OK, fine... its probably cached on your computer somewhere... Go download backoriface ( I think), use it on yourself and scan fro passwords...
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    Or, if you have Win98,Me,95 you can run a search/find for *.pwl , that will find all the saved passwords that your client has saved. You can download a tool for decryption very easily at

    gamernewbie: Call ISP to get it back. "It's your computer your account " go for it.
    I agree, like many know I work for an ISP, and all you need to know is the Main account Username or Screen name for you AOL Losers. Then you need to know the Address and the name on the account. I think even if your story is untrue, you should still be able to use your 'obviously keen social engineering skillz' to get what you need.

    The fact is, you were asking for a port sniffer/listener is a dead give away. There are much better more obviouse ways to get a pasword.
    Try and steer away from these "proggies" like I said. If anything go, to the download section and Download a tool. I am sure the central data base will appriciate the info.
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    I know i could just call upp the ISP and ask then to send me a new password, but i took it as a challenge. It's not like it's illigal to get your own password. No more arguing i'f got more then all the help i need here, THANKS EVERYBODY! You don't need to post anymore replies at all.

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    Post Ethereal

    /me agrees with Dr Toker but reminds that his message didn't help the matter very much either.

    The packet sniffer I use is called Ethereal. Read the instructions there, you need to install WinPcap (Windows Packet Capture) libraries.
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